We understand the expectations of players all over the world and develop games using the latest technology trends and expertise.

Our mission is to create immersive web-based gaming experiences to boost customer engagement across the web and mobile. We build leading business intelligence solutions that allow you to harness user data and behaviour to capitalise on monetisation opportunities and boost user acquisition through analysis and market-leading ad management.

Our auxiliary gaming services also help you nurture your online community through game support, custom websites and more.

  • Deeply engaging web-based games
  • Online promotion and community support
  • Game-based monetisation and analysis
  • User Acquisition and business intelligence.

Custom web and browser

game developers

The web-based gaming landscape is steadily becoming one of the most innovative and profitable sources for businesses to engage with audiences across web browsers.

Since 2005 we have been delivering cutting edge services, from custom web game development to advertising and consulting.

Whether you are looking to provide rich training experiences or engage prospective customers through modern web game design, our custom browser games can help you hit all the right metrics.
Through our auxiliary game support services, we help creators connect with gamers and develop a devoted community. We build tailored featured websites and provide game support through online tools such as forums.
Understanding your audience's behaviour is pivotal to improving user experience, improving acquisition and guaranteeing returns. We build business intelligence to provide you with richer user analysis
to leverage revenue opportunities.
With over 16 years of web-based gaming expertise, OPTI collaborates with game creators and businesses to provide IT-based game services, development consulting, training and much more.
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Custom browser game engineers
  • noSQL DBs: Mongo, Cassandra, Sphinx
  • big data: Hadoop, Tableau, Google BigQuery
  • d3.js, vue.js, react.js
  • AWS: RDS, S3, rabbitMQ





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