Helping medical and pharma practitioners operate seamlessly; supporting patient wellbeing.

Since the early 2000’s Opti has created purpose-built software and technology for the medical and pharma industries. We have substantial experience in developing software services for medical purposes such as pharma advertising, clinical studies, acute and chronic medical treatments, software integration and support.

We build solutions that connect leading medical products with practitioners, ensure operations flow without a hiccup and most importantly, support patient satisfaction and retention.

  • Digital Pharma advertising
  • Analyse clinical study data
  • Patient management and appointment systems
  • Database interconnecting and patient tracking

Precise, holistic and

From appointment, procedure and recovery, we understand that the patient journey is a delicate one and that only the best tools will do.

Our far-reaching promotional Pharma product websites and mobile applications help get medical products in the hands of practitioners. Smart CRM systems support clinical studies to accurately and smartly record data, and patient management software manages everything from appointment booking, tracking and reminders to help mitigate errors and improve your patient journey.

Are you a company working in pharma or medical studies?
Grow your network, sell medical products, register interest and manage relations with physicians, all with our bespoke pharma mobile applications and websites.
Our medical software and CRM systems have been instrumental in aiding clinical studies - optimising questionnaires and answer tracking, improving data capturing and analysing data more efficiently to reveal the most important data faster than ever before.
We know that there is no margin for error in medical and pharma practice, and your software and IT needs should be no different. Your practice systems form the foundation of your operations and together with our consulting, training, data and IT services, we’re here to make sure they remain reliable at all times and that you never miss a beat.

Are you a medical setting ?

Streamline medical processes and easily track treatments of chronic and acute medical conditions with our no-fuss medical software that helps you oversee the entire patient onboarding process to scheduling, orientation and follow-up.
We help you unify key client information from across multiple databases to improve patient analysis and tracking, making it easier to stay on top of all patient records and easily record information so nothing critical is ever missed.
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Technologies for medical and pharma software solutions.
  • DB (HIPAA compliant): Oracle, PL/SQL, Mongo,
    Amazon Aurora / Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • custom APIs
  • languages: Python, Golang

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