The domain name, all the pages here contained, as well as all the web servers owned by the company SC OPTI Systems SRL are subjects to the Romanian Law, together with all websites and web services offered by our company.

All individuals and legal entities using web-services provided by SC OPTI Systems SRL, accessing any data or interacting with web-servers owned by SC OPTI Systems SRL are bound to respect this mail policy concerning electronic mail and the use of e-mail addresses.

  • It is forbidden to send automatically or to attempt to send automatically any unsolicited e-mail to e-mail addresses over the Internet or to any part of a database of e-mail addresses, when the sending has different purposes from those acknowledged by the owners of the e-mail addresses when joining the database;
  • It is forbidden for any individual e-mail user to send repeatedly unsolicited e-mail messages to any e-mail address;
  • It is forbidden to scan, either manually or automatically, for e-mail addresses, in the purpose of establishing a database that would be used for sending unsolicited e-mail messages;
  • It is forbidden to send a “mail bomb”, one or more e-mail messages meant to block electronic mailboxes or to damage any computer over the Internet by characteristics such as, but not limited to the size of e-mail messages, their frequency or their malicious content;
  • It is forbidden to send any e-mail message meant to create panic, psychical damage or any computer damage, as well as of any e-mail message which is aggressive or pornographic, and abusive as defined by the Romanian Law;
  • It is forbidden to send bulk mail messages from the OPTI servers without prior written approval by OPTI.
  • The third parties, the clients and the end users may prove their bona fides by agreeing with every request of any recipient of their e-mail messages not to be sent again and with any such request of OPTI Systems on behalf of the recipients, when this mail policy had been violated.

If the above rules are violated by any of our clients or end-users, SC OPTI Systems SRL will act according to the provisions of the Contract. If the above rules are violated by other individuals or legal entities, OPTI Systems will deny the e-mail interaction of OPTI servers with the addresses or the servers used by such persons. This will be achieved through the OPTI Blacklist. For protecting its clients and end-users, OPTI filters automatically all e-mail messages using programs such as, but not limited to, the program SpamAssassin™.



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