We help agencies, developers or HubSpot users achieve their goals

Tell us a facility you'd like implemented into HubSpot and we provide the technical know-how to see it through:

Advanced CRM customization
Data access and analysis
Lead tracking across your platforms
Integrating 3rd party service providers
Advanced testing and monitoring
Permissions and security integration
Automatization of repetitive tasks
Stellar UI design
Customer satisfaction management

How we work

We treat each project as an objective to be attained, with a dedicated team and transparent task management.

We define the parameters of the integration
We present solutions for you to choose from
We launch, present and document the solution
We define the responsible software engineer(s)
We implement the solution on a test environment
We assist you and do long-term maintenance
"We believe businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul — and that they can do it with inbound.
That's why we've created an ecosystem uniting software, education, and community to help businesses grow better every day."
- Mission statement,   HubSpot
"Integrating technologies is the way of the Internet. By merging the functionalities of 3rd party SaaS into the marketing, tracking and analytics functionalities of Hubspot, one can get the best CRM out there."
- Marian Calborean, managing partner, OPTI
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Some of our HubSpot expertise

Better search by SaaS

You can allow searching your entire web presence, even in websites not in HubSpot. You can benefit of autosuggest, categories and facets.

Data export and analysis

Transfer your HubSpot data to any data platform, whether self-hosted or cloud-based. Analyze HubSpot visits, interactions, leads as you like.

User and permission integration

Eliminate double security management by integrating your user directory, including permissions and groups, into HubSpot.

Content curation and translation

Cloud-based tools allow you bring content into HubSpot or translate your content automatically for a worldwide audience.

Calendar and file sync

Don't double manage your documents and events. You can integrate HubSpot with any popular file-management or calendar platform.

Email service integration

Integrate your HubSpot site with any mail service provider. Transfer and sync email reads, email clicks and email unsubscriptions across platforms.

A/B and Unit testing

Extend the native capabilities of HubSpot by integrating cloud-based testing services: no limit on A/B testing, no limit on unit (behaviour) testing.

Availability checks

Monitor your HubSpot facilities through external services. See how often the forms and pages bring the customers where you want them.

External ticketing system

If you want to assign contacts a ticket number in another popular issue tracking system such as JIRA or Redmine, OPTI can integrate the necessary APIs.

Full technology


... and any other
data source



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