Transform your business by using Hubspot chatbots 

Transform your business by using Hubspot chatbots 
In the last few years, chatbots have become one of the most popular channels for customer service inquiries. Clients can quickly receive an answer to their demands without engaging in communication with a real person. This reduces the workload on the company’s service teams.
Hubspot has a powerful chat builder that helps your organization automate live chat conversations. You can seamlessly create a bot to connect to your website visitors. This will appear like a chat widget on the page.

Where to start with the Hubspot chatbot? Let’s detail a the process of implementing the chatbot and what templates you can use to get started fast.

Steps in setting up a chatbot in Hubspot
As many of us know, Hubspot is a very intuitive and user friendly platform. However, when it comes to chatbots, there are a few initial setting to execute before building the scenarios and launching the bot on the website.
  • Connect a chat channel to the conversations inbox: From the Settings menu, navigate to Inbox > Inboxes and select the inbox you want to connect the channel to. Click Connect a channel and then select Chat. From here you can customize the color of the widget, the name or the avatar that appears at the top of the widget, and the welcome message that will appear when a user first starts a chat. Don’t worry if these details are not the final settings, you will be able to make similar edits when setting up each chat.
  • Selecting the chatbot. You can build a bot from scratch or use one of the 6 different templates. Furthermore, you can customize your bot actions by adding multiple if/then branches to establish the workflow of the conversation.

Chatbots templates in Hubspot:
  • Concierge Bot: You can use this when you want to direct the visitors to a specific team, based on their problem. Based on the response you can search the knowledge base or book a meeting with a team.
  • Qualify Leads Bot: This template is used when you want information about the guest and the reason for their visit.
  • Tickets Bot: This bot gathers information about the support inquiry of the user and creates a ticket to track the issue
  • Knowledge Base & Support bot: You can share knowledge-based articles with the guests. If they still need help you can give them the option to contact a team or submit a ticket.
  • Meetings Bot: Use this bot to share a meeting link with a visitor so they can book a time with the team
  • Offline bot: If your organization is providing support during specific hours, you can collect the visitor’s email when the team is offline. Also, you can display this widget only when your team is offline
You can also send a customer satisfaction survey from the chat widget. This is very important in improving the chatbot’s overall performance. When the conversation with the chatbot ends, the survey will appear. As the form is being completed, the survey responses will appear on the survey detail page, allowing businesses to learn more about the user experience.

Final thoughts
Building a chatbot using Hubspot is great especially when you are already using Hubspot as your CRM or for marketing and sales operations. It is really easy to set up and it’s a great tool for upgrading your customer experience and providing a great marketing and communications platform. If you want to implement chatbots for your business, OPTI can assist you in implementing the right tools in a cost-effective manner. Reach out today!



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