Hubspot Reports - getting insights that grow your business

Hubspot Reports - getting insights that grow your business
Reporting is an essential part of every succesful business, regardless of its size or industry. It provides a means to better understand the overall health of a company and identify areas of potential growth. Once all the information is gathered, conclusions and recommendations can be made.

Hubspot comes with the possibility to create custom reports or use the pre-built reports and dashboards from the Report Library. Depending on your Hubspot license, you can get over 200 predefined and ready-to-use reports for your data. One of the most important reporting categories for any business is the Sales performance, where we can find reports that display a summary of the sales activities, contacts that have been assigned by users in the Hubspot CRM, or the number of deals that have successfully finished the sales cycle. These are only a few reports that provide a good insight on how the sales are progressing in a specific time range. Let’s take a look at some specific examples:

1. Closed revenue per month vs. goal
It is essential to check the sales goals constantly to see how close or how far from the target the team is. With the HubSpot Closed revenue per month vs. goal report, you can quickly inspect your sales performance compared to your goals. Use the data from this report to refine your strategy on the go if necesary. Keep in mind that any Hubspot report is customizable, so feel free to play around and discover new reports and combinations.

2. Closed revenue amount by traffic source
For every marketing or sales professional it’s crucial to clearly undestand the best revenue generating sources. With the Closed revenue amount by traffic source report, any team can quickly see the average order value for every source in a specific time frame. Your company can use this data to optimize your strategy if a source doesn’t perform as expected and realocate the effort to the valuable ones. This is a highly customizable report which you can take advantage of.

3. Meetings booked by rep
It measures the performance of each sales representative by showing the number of booked meetings for each of them. The customized version of this report can also include the meeting outcome, so you can see at first glance, besides the overall number of meetings, also the successful meetings the team has with the potential prospects.

4. Deals closed lost all time by rep
This report displays the number of deals that were closed and lost over time. The data is split by sales representative so you can see who lost the most deals. In this case as well, you can apply additional fields to also display the close lost reason behind each deal. In any data there is a lesson.

Final thoughts
Reporting remains one of the critical activities for any department, sales especially. Fortunately, Hubspot comes in handy with plenty of pre-defined reports and dashboards to help you kick start your reporting process, and also understant where your business stands from a goals attainment perspective. Looking for ideas and support to build you own sales dashboard? Reach out today.



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