OPTI Systems conducted cybersecurity training for the Bucharest Bar Association staff

OPTI Systems conducted cybersecurity training for the Bucharest Bar Association staff

In February-March 2023, the company OPTI Systems, conducted a cybersecurity training program for the staff of the Bucharest Bar Association, a professional organization for lawyers in the town. The training took place over four weeks, during which approximately forty participants covered six topics organized into four modules, as follows:

  • Introduction to cybersecurity

    In this module, participants learned about the Confidentiality-Integrity-Availability model and the importance of a dual approach (organization-personal) for success. The current evolution of risks and methods of prevention and mitigation were also discussed.

  • Email communication security

    This module covered spoofing and phishing, viruses, trojans, spambots, malware, spam, email bombs, and email confidentiality, with an emphasis on protecting information in email communication.

  • Internet browsing security

    In this module it was discussed aspects related to server and cloud security, data ownership and recovery, as well as risks associated with phishing, websites, searches, and social media. Precautions at the browser level, password management and personal accounts were also addressed.

    Internet browsing security
  • Security in the use of proprietary software solutions

    Here, the participants deepened their knowledge related to the security of operating systems, office suites, email and messaging. The Bar's own software solutions were analyzed, as well as those of partners and third-party software were also analyzed.

  • Home computer security

    This module covered precautions related to infrastructure and network security, precautions at the individual user and organizational levels, for the protection of data and information when working remotely or from home.

  • Personal data protection

    The final module was dedicated to an introduction to GDPR, legal bases, special categories of data and basic principles. Participants learned about data subjects rights, automated decisions, information, access, rectification, erasure and other aspects related to personal data protection. Practical measures, notifications and sanctions in case of non-compliance with these provisions were also discussed.

    Internet browsing security

Cybersecurity training for organizations is essential in a world where technology and cyber risks are evolving rapidly. An effective approach to cybersecurity must include a combination of technological protection and accountability of the personnel involved, with an emphasis on understanding and correctly applying security practices.

Email communication security

OPTI Systems is a partner of the Bucharest Bar Association in software development, ERP, web design and mobile applications and takes pride in this collaboration.

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