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Over 15 years of excellence
Over 15 years of excellence

OPTI Systems was founded in 2005. We have 15 years of experience, hundreds of projects and satisfied clients.

Team of specialists
Team of specialists

Our team include analysts, programmers, database and server administrators, project managers and QA engineers.

Based in Bucharest, Romania
Based in Bucharest, Romania

Romania is a renowned IT hub. OPTI is ISO 9001 certified and competes for the highest quality standards.

Our approach

Integrating web technologies technologies
Working with legacy code legacy code
Strong technological know-how

Programming languages: PHP, C#, Java, Javascript, Perl, Python, HTML5. We use coding, testing and versioning standards to ensure software quality.

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Cassandra. We choose technology based on efficiency and cost.

Server services: Linux OS, Load Balancers, HTTP daemons. We optimize to reduce the load and increase availability.

We can integrate with any platform

Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo. We use the APIs available for ingesting and serving data, semantic content, and media between the client and the general public

Cloud hosting: We configure and manage Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Hosting, Microsoft Azure.

Other integrations: We research and recommend solutions for online and mobile payments, data protection and compliance, software as a service, desktop automation.


Full technology stack

Recent work

Better search for UiPath`s website
Integrating technologies, web portal, software development

We helped provide UiPath`s customers with the perfect search module. One that is comprehensive, reliable, structured, accessible, extendable and fast.

HubSpot extensions and integrations
Integrating technologies, data transfer, software

OPTI offers targeted technical support for HubSpot projects. We help agencies, developers or HubSpot users achieve their goals by implementing new facilities or data transfers.

Analytics dashboard for a gaming enterprise

There was a need to quickly and visually access data from 20+ separate reports. The user had to be able to select which data to see, select a date interval , filter, group and compare the results.

Mobile payment standardized platform

100+ mobile carriers were integrated in this platform that charges users and manages their gaming subscriptions. The various data formats and technical requirements are abstracted to perform payments as quickly as possible

Digitizing a 50,000-book library
Integrating technologies, web portal, software development

Digitizing the library of the Bucharest Bar using open source technologies and a custom-made software extension. 50,000+ books and their loan procedures were digitized.

Automatic task attribution system by SMS/phone/email

Thousands of professionals compete for tasks that are fed hourly into the system. The system randomly chooses the professional and sends them a proposal to accept the job.

Universitatea din Bucuresti
Editura ART
Leroy Merlin
Baroul Bucuresti


Mircea Dumitru
Mircea Dumitru

University of Bucharest, Romania

For nine months in 2017 and 2018, OPTI has provided the Technical Director for the reconstruction of the main web site of the University of Bucharest. This project meant a lot to me and to the tens of thousands of students, professors and alumni of the most important university in Romania. Their job involved project management, coordinating the internal and external human resources and ensuring we choose the right technologies for the task. I think they did a stellar job and I recommend them for any similar project.

Cici Dafin
Cici Dafin

Bucharest Bar Association, Romania

My collaboration with OPTI goes back 7 years, they were our partners for digitizing a law library of approximately 50.000 books in all its aspects. I appreciated their involvement and constant creative suggestions, their excellent communication and skills. I commend OPTI for meeting deadlines and specifications and for their professionalism.

Mihai Badita
Mihai Badita

UiPath, Bucharest, Romania

The team of specialists at OPTI helped us move UiPath’s website to Hubspot and integrate various software-as-a-service (SaaS) services to create a unitary experience for our customers. Well done, clear communication and management plus quick adaptation to new technologies and learning potential. Recommend.


Bucharest, Romania

Our goal was to build a web store that could offer more than one hundred thousand book titles. We needed a technology partner that can move quickly, easily customize the software involved and achieve tangible results in a reasonable time. OPTI has been that partner, from writing the software specs, populating the product catalog, developing the web store, going live, and project maintenance since the initial launch.

Mihai Iacob
Mihai Iacob

NGO coordinator, Bucharest, Romania

I’ve worked with OPTI for “Tiparituri Vechi”, the online catalogue of old Romanian printed works (1508-1830). Their recommendations of technologies made the project sustainable for the foreseeable future. I very much appreciated the fact that the deadlines and the initial budget estimates were not overrun. I was also impressed with how they adapted to what was for them a new knowledge domain.

Bianca Chirica
Bianca Chirica

ART publishing house, Romania

We have been acquainted with OPTI since 2009 when they re-built the web platform of our publishing house. Since then, they have been our main partner in web software development, web maintenance and web hosting for our business. We recommend their skills in software development as our requests and input are quickly translated into results, thus having a short launch-cycle.

We`re good at

Multi-language website development. Information management and site SEO. Backup, availability and speed.

Content administration using a web browser. Automatization of repeat tasks. Data transfer and synchronization.

Mobile apps for phones and tablets. Native or hybrid code. Speed benchmarks, quality and complaint management.

RDBMS (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle). NoSQL (Redis, Cassandra, Hadoop, MongoDB) .

Reporting software for big data, quick aggregation, and business reporting. Caching schemes and denormalization.

Personal data management with an eye to legal compliance. IT procedures to access, archive and erase data.

Implementation of multi-role permissions in software and correlated business processes. Force-testing for flaws.

Reviewing code in C-based languages (PHP, Python, Java, Javascript). Auditing software for speed and security.

Acting as IT manager for businesses implementing company-wide 3rd party software. Comparing, testing and training.

and much more

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