WordPress WooCommerce extensions for the Romanian market

WordPress WooCommerce extensions for the Romanian market

In a digitalized world, we need to adapt and see how to enter the online world. For many companies and businesses, setting up a website is a must. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available, and with the right extensions, you can be sure to have a successful website that can help you reach the Romanian market.

WordPress and WooCommerce

When it comes to e-commerce and websites in Romania, one of the most important plugins to have is WooCommerce. While WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin that works with WordPress. WooCommerce turns your WordPress website into an online store where you can sell products, meaning you cannot use it on sites that WordPress doesn’t host.

This WordPress extension helps you create a professional online store and manage inventory, shipping, payments, and other aspects of your business. Several Romanian extensions are available to ensure you get the most out of your WooCommerce experience. Their team of software programmers is constantly working on globalizing all the extensions available, but for the time being, there are six extensions available for the Romanian local market:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal Payments
  • Braintree for WooCommerce
  • Viva Wallet Standard Checkout
  • Rapyd Payments for WooCommerce
  • TikTok for WooCommerce

This WordPress WooCommerce extension is an excellent choice for businesses operating in Romania. It ensures a secure and convenient customer buying experience and is a great way to expand your business in the region. The plugin fully integrates with Romanian banks to provide a seamless checkout process. Additionally, it supports all primary payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. With Netopia's plugin, you can also keep track of all your payments and manage orders efficiently.

You can download the WooCommerce package from here and check the technical requirements.

Netopia, for example, is a famous Romanian payment gateway that integrates easily with WooCommerce. This will allow you to accept payments from major Romanian banks and credit cards. Another popular extension for Romanian users is LibraPay, which lets customers pay with their Libra card. Both extensions are easy to set up and use and are perfect for entrepreneurs looking to develop their businesses in the Romanian market.

Netopia Payments

The WordPress WooCommerce platform offers a variety of extensions for users to customize their payment experience. Netopia is one of the leading Romanian payment providers, providing a plugin for WooCommerce users. With this plugin, you can easily integrate Netopia's payment services into your WordPress store. This plugin allows customers to pay with their preferred payment methods, such as bank transfer or credit card.

It also includes advanced fraud protection to secure your customer’s data and transactions. Furthermore, it allows customers to pay in Romanian Lei, making it easier for customers to pay in their local currency. With Netopia’s plugin, you can manage all your payments in one place and view custom reports and analytics.

The major advantage of the Netopia plugin is that it is easy to set up and use. The setup process only takes a few minutes, and you are ready to accept payments. Additionally, the plugin is integrated with WooCommerce's features, which makes managing orders and payments a breeze. Furthermore, the payment processing fees are very competitive. You can also receive instant notifications when payments are made and keep track of all your transactions in real time.

According to the Netopia team, other advantages of using it are:

  • It is 100% free to use.
  • Accepts payments with Visa and Mastercard credit/ debit cards, Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Handles IPN responses and automatically changes order status on your shop in real-time (confirmed/paid or failure messages and refunds).
  • Netopia Payment Image 1 Imagine from https://wordpress.org/plugins/netopia-payments-payment-gateway/.
    Netopia Payment Image 2 Imagine from https://wordpress.org/plugins/netopia-payments-payment-gateway/.

Netopia’s plugin last version has extended features and customization options. It allows users to customize their checkout page’s appearance and provides a range of advanced features, such as fraud prevention and subscription management. With this version, the users can now customize their checkout page to match the look and feel of their website.

Moreover, this version allows users to add additional payment gateways and customize them according to their preferences. This makes Netopia's WooCommerce extension the most comprehensive e-commerce plugin available. Customers can use the plugin to access a wide range of payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. The plugin also supports tax and shipping rate calculations, allowing customers to easily calculate their final cost before checkout.


Your customers can benefit from different payment applications according to their bank provider. Libra Bank created LibraPay and puts at your disposal an implementation manual for it. You can download it from their website, and in case you need support, you can contact them.

In the manual, you have all the steps you need to follow to install the kit and test it.

LibraPay Implementation Manual Imagine from LibraPay Implementation Manual


WooCommerce extensions offer the possibility to set the shipping mode with one of the nationally available couriers, like:

  • FAN Courier and Fan Box

    For shipping in Romania, local companies have a WooCommerce module that you can use. On their website, you can find the configuration manual, which contains all the steps you need to follow to integrate the module into your website.

    Fan Courier WooCommerce Module Imagine from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sqy24D2Ef8.
  • Cargus

    Cargus is a great option for businesses that need reliable shipping services. With their WooCommerce extension, Cargus offers a comprehensive package that allows merchants to easily manage orders and provide customers with an easy and efficient checkout process. With Cargus, merchants can set up shipping zones, customize shipping charges for domestic and international orders, and even track shipments. The Cargus WooCommerce extension also has a mobile-friendly interface, making it easy for customers to shop and pay from any device. With their secure payment gateway, customers can make payments online with ease and confidence.

    Here you can find the proper documentation, containing all the steps you need to follow to integrate the module into your website.

    Cargus WooCommerce Module Imagine from https://wordpress.org/plugins/cargus/.

    Other shipping companies that offer the integrated module with WooCommerce are GLS, DPD, SameDay, Bookurier, Memex, and Nemo Express.

    WooCommerce plugins are great tools to pair with the well-known e-commerce platform, helping to improve your customer’s experience and increase conversions. And many other free plugins can help optimize your WooCommerce store into an online shopper’s dream.

    Search for more information and choose the right option for your business.

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