Silver award for excellence - ARTHUR’s Reader’s Map for Vacation

Silver award for excellence - ARTHUR’s Reader’s Map for Vacation
The interactive map for Arthur publishing house ("HARTA CITITORULUI ÎN VACANȚA DE VARĂ 2022"), launched by OPTI in June of this year won the Silver Award for Excellence, next to "Netflix & MSL The Practice". Both are included in the "Culture, Art" category at Romanian PR Award XX.
The campaign aims to encourage reading during the summer vacation among school children. They can read 20 books in a period of 12 weeks and anyone can enroll in the campaign to note down the books as they read them, including the number of pages read. Or they can create a reading list with the books intended to read.

Einstein himself is recruiting readers

See how many pages you have already read

Start at the first week - the school is just over

Danger at the sea

School is BACK

For this project, OPTI focused on the user experience especially on animations in the background.
OPTI is the long-time technological partner of the ART Publishing House and we are proud of this collaboration.



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