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Over 15 years of excellence
Over 15 years of excellence

OPTI Systems was founded in 2005. We have 15 years of experience, hundreds of projects and satisfied clients.

Team of specialists
Team of specialists

Our team include analysts, programmers, database and server administrators, project managers and QA engineers.

Based in Bucharest, Romania
Based in Bucharest, Romania

Romania is a renowned IT hub. OPTI is ISO 9001 certified and competes for the highest quality standards.

We`re good at

Multi-language website development. Information management and site SEO. Backup, availability and speed.

Content administration using a web browser. Automatization of repeat tasks. Data transfer and synchronization.

Mobile apps for phones and tablets. Native or hybrid code. Speed benchmarks, quality and complaint management.

RDBMS (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle). NoSQL (Redis, Cassandra, Hadoop, MongoDB) .

Reporting software for big data, quick aggregation, and business reporting. Caching schemes and denormalization.

Personal data management with an eye to legal compliance. IT procedures to access, archive and erase data.

Implementation of multi-role permissions in software and correlated business processes. Force-testing for flaws.

Reviewing code in C-based languages (PHP, Python, Java, Javascript). Auditing software for speed and security.

Acting as IT manager for businesses implementing company-wide 3rd party software. Comparing, testing and training.

and much more

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