Ensure security by updates, refactoring and monitoring

Security is a constantly-evolving goal which requires continous adaptation

●  All the technologies used need to be catalogued, together with their inter-dependencies: programming languages, server services, software versions. OPTI can create a technology manual for your business.

●  In case of official security releases, upgrades should be planned as soon as possible: both hardware and software, solving the dependencies so functioning is not affected.

●  In case of urgent security bugs, pro-active preventive steps may be taken: access reduction, access filtering, working on a data snapshot.

●  When security updates conflict with normal functioning, refactoring and code updates need to be implemented.

The case for code refactoring

●  In a fast-changing technology landscape, organizations depend on multi-year-old software using technologies which may become deprecated.

●  OPTI specializes in working with legacy code. We identify vulnerable portions of the legacy technology so minimal replacements ensure security. Or we refactor the code to the latest versions, re-writing the software to make it secure.

●  For example, we managed upgrades from PHP version 4 or 5 to 7, Python 2 to Python 3 and so on. We can also rewrite server-side PHP code to Javascript for NodeJS.

Security is cheap

Secure, up to date software has economic advantages:

●  Is faster and easier to integrate with new technologies

●  Decreases maintenance cost since official security updates can be managed in-house, until close to deprecation.

●  Decreases manhour cost, since junior software developers are available for hot new technologies, while legacy versions are mastered by senior developers.


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Ensure security by updates, refactoring and monitoring
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