Tech conferences in Romania: Techsylvania and DevTalks

Tech conferences in Romania: Techsylvania and DevTalks

Romania is quickly becoming a hub for tech conferences, with two of the most popular ones being Techsylvania and DevTalks. Both conferences offer a platform for experts to share their knowledge and experience on various technology-related topics. By providing discussion panels, workshops, and seminars where attendees can learn about current technologies and trends in the technology field, they are gaining more and more interest from tech enthusiasts. They have been running for several years, becoming significant events in the Romanian tech scene.

OPTI Software will be present at these events to stay connected with all the trends in the market and be up to date with all the innovations. Our presence here reinforces our mission of being the best in Digital Transformation, and ERP/CRM systems integrations.


Techsylvania Picture from https://techsylvania.com/

Techsylvania is a conference that brings together not only the Romanian tech community. The event has been organized since 2014 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It takes place over two days in the year’s second quarter and brings together more than 50 speakers from the biggest companies in the field on the stage. It has grown from 200 attendees to over 5,000 people attending last year's event from various countries worldwide!

This annual conference focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship in the tech industry. It brings together some of the most influential players in the tech world, including entrepreneurs, investors, developers, designers, and marketers. The event features inspiring talks, workshops, networking sessions, hackathons, and more while facilitating debates between professionals worldwide to discuss new ideas and trends in the field.

Topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, blockchain, and virtual reality are only a part of what is happening. Over the course of two days, participants share new ideas and progress on real-world projects, form partnerships to advance their work, attend talks from top industry speakers and other innovators, have access to some of the best AI developers in the world who are available to mentor them through coding challenges, and enjoy a fantastic experience.

You can attend the panel discussions, technical workshops, or satellite events organized by some of the tech companies present there. During the satellite events, you get to talk with founders, investors, or members of top companies about the challenges and the latest trend in the industry.

The speakers’ list reunites on the same stage names from some of the biggest companies in the industry, such as techleap.nl, Google, Glovo, PayPal, Nav, LeftLane, mongoDB., GitButler and more.

You can buy tickets right from their dedicated website section, Tickets. The prices differ considering the time frame.


DevTalks Picture from https://www.devtalks.ro/

DevTalks is another popular conference in Romania that focuses on software development topics such as web development, mobile development, and cloud computing. The event hosts well-known speakers worldwide who share their knowledge about cutting-edge technologies. It also includes workshops to help attendees learn how to use new technologies effectively.

DevTalks will gather the Romanian IT community this summer alongside 100+ international and local speakers on the 14 stages. According to their website, this edition they will discuss topics like Java, DevOps, Mobile, the Future of Engineering, Web, QA & Testing, Gaming, Women in Tech, BigData & Cloud, Security, DevLead, and the Product World.

The speakers’ list reunites on the same stage names from some of the biggest companies in the industry, such as Google, Microsoft, Redhat, Systematic, Atlassian, GitLab, Amazon, IBM, and more. There will also be representatives from Stanford University and the WomenTech Global community to bring different perspectives on the topics discussed.

You can buy tickets right from their dedicated website section, Tickets. The prices differ considering the time frame between the ticket acquisition and the event.

Other tech conferences

Other conferences that might be of interest and focus on specific topics are:

  • JSHeroes – dedicated to all companies and software developers focusing on JavaScript, React, Angular, and Web Development. It takes place in Cluj-Napoca.
  • Voxxed Days – an event dedicated to those interested in Cloud and Architecture, Data & AI, Modern languages, and DevOps. It takes place in Iasi.
  • Romania Testing Conference – also in Cluj-Napoca.
  • revo.js – in Timișoara


From industry professionals to entrepreneurs and influencers, all tech conferences and events have something to offer everyone. If you are a tech enthusiast looking for the best opportunity to learn, network, and get inspired to connect to the new trends, Techsylvania and DevTalks are the two premier tech conferences in the country where you can explore the latest advancements and trends in the industry next to the brightest minds in the field.

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