A new academic website created by OPTI: Center for Research in Applied Ethics - ccea.ro

A new academic website created by OPTI: Center for Research in Applied Ethics - ccea.ro

On July 19, 2022, the new version of the ccea.ro website was launched. OPTI Systems managed to respond to the requirements of our partner, by creating a much more dynamic, intuitive website, with a modern look and well-organized content. Thus, the visitor has the possibility to access the desired information quickly and from any device.

The ccea.ro website was created with the aim of facilitating the approach to moral issues of institutions and organizations (such as schools, hospitals, multinational companies, associations). Therefore, visitors are allowed access to international projects, publications in prestigious journals and advisory activities for public policies or companies.

"With the digital communication and website infrastructure built together with OPTI since 2010, we have always felt at the level of our academic partners in Oxford, Basel or Tubingen. The digital platforms we developed with OPTI are always a boost for our research, whether we are talking about cognitive and moral enhancement, virtuous artificial intelligence or the ethics of emerging technologies."
(Constantin Vică - CCEA)

The CCEA (Center for Research in Applied Ethics) was established in 2004 and operates within the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Bucharest. CCEA is the only institution in Romania where ethical disciplines are systematically studied and researched (classical moral theories, bioethics, neuroethics, environmental ethics, social ethics, etc.).

The content of the old site, built 7 years ago, was transferred to the new site, using the WPvivid Backup plugin.

The new facilities implemented by OPTI include:

  • integration of social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
  • custom tabs module (Content Tabs plugin)
  • SEO implementation
  • new articles via the Zotpress plugin
  • sidebar area (site search bar, news section, academic articles section, "Are you interested" section, "Applied Ethics Newsletter" section, a YouTube video section, CCEA social media section)
  • tag area (research areas)
  • the possibility to add simple or flexible content (titles, texts, images, lists, etc.). The display of the content is customized and structured based on the html code and stylized based on the css code, according to the requirements of the beneficiary (ACF plugin - Advanced Custom Fields)

OPTI has been CCEA's technology partner for 12 years and we are proud of this collaboration.



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