OPTI launches Bucharest Bar Association mobile app

OPTI launches Bucharest Bar Association mobile app

There are almost ten thousand lawyers in Bucharest and October has good news for a significant part of them. The public defenders in Bucharest can use the new application launched by OPTI to connect and communicate with the Bar Association with regards to their appointments and future work schedule.

The application is available on Android and iOS phones, and is free to use for the members of the Bucharest Bar Association. It allows the Bar to send them notifications and they can reply in a timely matter, making their job easier and reliable.

The launch is a part of a larger digital transition program for which the Bucharest Bar has contracted OPTI. Two previous launches were:

a) The development of a fair and quick task distribution system using the latest tech available.

b) The digitalization of the Bucharest Bar library, containing aprox. 50,000 books.

You can see attached some screenshots and please contact OPTI or the Bucharest Bar for further details.

Image 1 Image 3

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