Implementing Agile Methodology for outstanding results

Implementing Agile Methodology for outstanding results

It is very well known that especialy IT projects have a history of constantly running over budget and in some cases delivering projects late or delivering something other than what the customer expects. Agility means the capability of rapidly and cost efficiently adapting to changes.

With embracing the Agile Methodology OPTI Systems had lots of benefits

1) Better product quality. The quality is as high as possible by:
- proactive approach to prevent problems
- using the latest technological tools
- integrating daily testing and continuous integration in the development process
- implementing automated testing tools to fix bugs as soon as they appear
- conducting Sprint retrospectives, allowing the team to constantly improve processes
- ensuring that software is developed in incremental, rapid cycles. Each new release is tested and builds on previous functionality

2) Higher Customer Satisfaction
- OPTI Systems keeps customers engaged in the development process through projects
- OPTI Systems has a product manager who is an expert on customer needs and product requirements
- We are delivering products quicker

3) Increased Project Control
- Sprint meetings in wich we demonstrate working functionalities recently developed
- We are using Atlassian JIRA, which offers great transparency and visibility of each step of the project for both us and our customer.

4) Reduced Risks for our partners.
Implementing an Agile Methodology in the development process eliminates the chances of project failure.
- Developing in Sprints ensures a short time between initial investment and knowing if a project or approach will work or fail.
- Allows for quick adaptation if an approach will fail.

5) Faster and bigger ROI for our customers.
The features of the project are delivered incrementally so benefits start to come in the early stages of the development process. Agile methodology means fast product realeses and ability to observe and understand customer reaction and change the project accordingly. In Agile project management:
- development starts early
- it's very important to have a ready-to-market product after only a few iterations
- There is a real focus on business value by allowing the client to decide the priority of features to implement.

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