Connect additional brand domains with Hubspot Business Units

Connect additional brand domains with Hubspot Business Units
At Inbound 2021 Hubspot launched Business Units, a new add-on in Marketing Hub Enterprise. This allows users to manage multiple brands in a single and shared Hubspot portal so it is a critical upgrade for companies with multiple divisions or brands.

Benefits of Hubspot Business Units:
1) Cost Savings: Since there is no need to create new HubSpot instances for each brand, you can cut down on subscription costs
2) Declutter your assets: Having separate subscription centers allows managing branded content preferences instead of unsubscribing from the entire parent company
3) Separate brand performance: Reporting tools can be split by Busines Unit, allowing a more detailed view of specific metrics
4) Integration with 3rd party apps: All the integration will work also within Business Units. You can associate one account for every Business Unit.

“Business Units in HubSpot mean we can keep marketing teams and assets distinct and make our everyday work much more straightforward." says Elise Grabriele, Director of Digital Marketing Operations at Hubspot. "We have branding and integrations enabled with Business Units which gives us great clarity, as each brand utilizes different logos and colors. We mark contacts and companies by Business Unit as well as forms which lets us know easily which of our brands a contact interacts with.”

Connect additional brand domains with Hubspot Business Units



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