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IT solution integration

We can help integrate, simplify and manage your IT solutions

OPTI can act as Technical Director for small and medium-sized organization:

●  Identifying company needs through meetings and seminars with relevant stakeholders.

●  Cataloguing technologies, company data and IT resources.

●  Writing specification, data modelling and wireframing.

●  Managing IT change through carefully planned and monitored steps.

We have experience in dozens of 3rd party software implementation:

●  Market research, vendor comparison, direct vendor interaction.

●  Code inspections, technology checks.

●  Assistance in negociations and IT contract review.

●  Overseeing the development and contract implementation.

●  Overseeing the deployment and testing against specifications.

●  Internal training and onboarding for the future responsible human resources, including recruiting.

Writing specifications
IT market research
Vendor comparison
Overseeing the dev team
Testing the delivery
Training and onboarding

Cloud / SaaS transition

How to approach a transition to cloud-based services or to SaaS?

The IT market has evolved towards an ecosystem of specialized vendors offering bits of technologies for a reduced ownership cost. In order to take the opportunity:

●  IT projects need to be split into interacting services based on separation of responsabilities, not monolyths responsible for everything.

●  Market research will indicate the software-as-a-service solutions that are best in terms of capabilities, endurance, support quality and market adoption.

●  Pre-implementation testing needs to be performed in realistic scenarios, preferably in a free-trial period to reduce business cost commitment.

●  Direct competitors will be continuously monitored so as to maintain a technological edge and to adopt any market-making innovations.

Both software and hardware facilities can be moved to cloud or Saas:

●  Traditional website capabilties: Search as a service, Payment as a service, API as a service, CMS as a service.

●  Traditional in-house server infrastructure: Cloud databases, Cloud hosting, Cloud load balancers

●  Domain specific solutions: Payment provider integration, Social media integration, Customer relation management, etc.

AWS, GCS, Azure
Distributed databases
Search as a service
Cloud service administration
Redundancy planning
SaaS cost control

SDK choice

Choosing a proprietary SDK on which to build upon

OPTI has assisted businesses looking for deep technology development in contracting and deploying proprietary codebases and SDKs:

●  Developing software that includes a proprietary security or DRM module sold by a 3rd party.

●  Installing proprietary services on servers, testing and ensuring security, even with legacy versions.

●  Communication bridges between codebases or SDKs, including in binary format, between various programming languages or paradigms.

●  Environments used: LAMP stack (PHP/Python/Perl), C#, CocoaPods, ObjectiveC, Java, Kotlin, Swift, SQL, Bash script, Javascript.

Cataloguing dependencies
Technology stack choice
C-based languages

ERP / CRM implementation

Choosing and implementing an ERP / CRM solution

ERP systems are the most popular software solutions that provide real-time information to your business.

We offer consulting in all stages of ERP software implementation:

●  Analysis of the company's needs, business processes and performance indicators (KPI).

●  Establishing the objectives of ERP implementation

●  Market analysis and selection of the most suitable software for the company's needs

●  Implementation and commissioning of the new system

●  Staff training sessions

●  Maintenance

POS software implementation
Enterprise Resource Planning
Customer Relation Management
Stakeholder-side analysis
Quick reaction system
Multi-site deployment

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