UiPath’s main website uipath was built on HubSpot.
UiPath’s web assets included other websites outside HubSpot such as the Knowledge Base, Blog, Academy, Discussion Boards, dedicated web sites for some markets and so on.
These secondary web sites contained hugely-important content made available using various technologies and platforms.
To create a single point of entry for the customers, a decision was made to use Algolia as ‘search a service’ provider and replace HubSpot’s native search capabilities.

"We erase boundaries between ourselves and our customers through continuously shared learning and growth. Our successes aren’t merely linked, they’re inseparably fused.
We are defined by diversity of all kinds, open in the way we listen, honest in the way we speak, voracious in our appetite for understanding unique viewpoints and experiences."
- Mission statement, UIPath
"Search is essential to any online presence. Search is knowledge. Search is power. Search is what built Google into the dominant force of the Internet. Better search is better business."
- Marian Calborean, managing partner, OPTI
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OPTI helped deliver a full search capability using a four-step flow.

  • Algolia was configured to continuously index all the web portals of interest to UiPath’s visitors.

  • All the native search capabilities of uipath were hidden.

  • A new search module written from scratch by OPTI to use Algolia search was developed and integrated into the HubSpot platform.

  • The new search module was tested internally and against the better industry standards, and upgrades were made, including auto-suggest, display by category, real-time result update and speed optimizations.

As a special note, provision was made that automatically-translated text was copied to a dedicated server so it could be indexed for the search.


Comprehensive search

Searching into means searching into all the web portals of UiPath, making it a single point of entry for web customers.

Reliable search

The single search provider guaranteed availability independently of the status of the indexed platforms. Once the information was in, it was ready to search.

Structured search

The information was classified by source platform, type of content, page length. The search provider also allowed custom logical searches, making the information a searchable knowledge database.

Accessible search

The search module was optimized for various platforms and device screens. It also supported internationalization and multiple languages.

Extendable search

New web portals or web sites could be added in a matter of minutes to the search module. First to be indexed by the search provider , then to be displayed as a new result category in the results page.

Fast search

The search provider guarantees speeds comparable or even lower than industry standards such as Google. The search module developed by OPTI built upon this, avoiding server-side dependencies.

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